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Use The Shirt Color!

Printing with only one or two colors does not have to be boring. The shirt color should be considered when designing in pre-production stages. On the eighth day, God gave us halftones. Halftones can be used to break up negative space. Tons of things you can do here with dot or line size, frequency, angle, and negative space.

Check out this example below.

This design appears to have 3 colors: lime green, dark green, and white. Upon closer review the dark green was actually made using the shirt color and halftones on the lime screen. Tons of different ways to add value in your design department using halftones in an efficient, creative way.

Gosh, screenprinting is incredible.

The Details:

•156 mesh Underbase White ( no underbase on dark green spot )

Flash + Cool

•156 mesh Lime Green PMS 361 ( 65% opacity on dark green spot )

Flash + Cool

•156 Top White

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