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Pro Tip - Selective Underbase

Let's start by examining what an "underbase" is and how we use it for screenprinting.

The underbase is a foundation layer often laid down first as a white, gray, or tan ink. This layer is choked in a micro amount from the actual colors in the design. After the underbase is flash cured and cooled, all the other design colors are printed on top of the base. This gives a nice opaque finish for all your colors, regardless of the garment color.

Not all designs need a base though. For instance, if we're printing a distressed design we would likely exclude any underbase in efforts to help give a worn down effect. Our staff is always thinking outside the box and using the base in creative ways.

The example in this post is a standard spot color design. The shirt color is Lime, the garment is 100% cotton. This appears to be 4 colors: White, Black, Gold, and Dark Gold. We informed our customer that we could nail this look with 3 colors by excluding the base on some of the gold areas. The tonal difference between gold with a base, and gold without a base, was perfect. This technique saved them money and the shirts turned out sharp!

Why? Because it was the right thing to do, and we have the knowledge and expertise to execute the technique and save our customer some budget. These are some of the advantages of using Evrik Imprints. You have unlimited access to leverage our skills and ability for YOUR brand. Screenprinting, Embroidery, Creative. #betterforyourbrand

Side note: A boat load more of these pro tips set to be published next month!

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